Yankees Urged to Clean up Injury ‘Disaster’ After Gerrit Cole Debacle

The Yankees are upset about Gerrit Cole's elbow injury, which will hold him out for three to four weeks. In the spring, the Yankees have been unwilling to discuss Cole or any other injury from the last year, which has been overshadowed by their health issues.

Additionally, the Yankees don't appear to comprehend their players' health. The Cole injury is a prime example. It started as modest discomfort and slow recuperation between starts, but it may keep him out for two months.

Aaron Judge missed major Spring training with an abdominal ailment, after last season's setbacks to Judge and Anthony Rizzo, who played through a concussion for several weeks. Such losses weakened the New York attack.

Joel Sherman, a veteran New York Post reporter, has had enough. He feels the Yankees need to reform.

The Yankees should be more upfront about Cole's ailment. Sherman said on his podcast, “The Show” with Jon Heyman of the Post, “Aaron Boone has already pretty much declared

he is not there for Opening Day and I think if we could put the Yankees on truth serum they’d probably say if we could have him back middle of May, early June that would probably be a victory from some of the early things you’re hearing out there.”

Sherman said the Yankees either fumbled all these injuries or lied about them.

Do you feel dishonest or inadequate after every Yankee injury? Sherman stated. Aaron Judge starts as typical body achiness, Oswald Peraza is fine, he'll be back in a few days, now it's two months. They had to clean up the injury thing, and they probably have to clean up the honesty stuff.”

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