WBNA legend makes controversial statement on racism

Sheryl Swoopes, a Women's National Basketball Association legend, has herself engaged in yet another controversy.

Swoopes made waves recently when she claimed that Iowa Hawkeyes star Caitlin Clark does not deserve the attention she is receiving for breaking multiple records in women's collegiate basketball.

Clark memorably shattered the NCAA women's career scoring record on February 15th.

Swoopes defended herself against accusations that her statements about Clark were racist during an appearance on Gil's Arena, a podcast hosted by NBA star Gilbert Arenas.

"For people to accuse me of making such remarks because I am a racist. First and foremost, Black people cannot be racist, but it is the furthest thing from my mind," Swoopes explained.

"I grew up in a very little West Texas town that was primarily white. My best childhood pal is White. I went to a largely white college. 

Won a national championship, and almost everyone on the team was white. We are still sisters today. That is not part of my DNA."

The Hawkeyes women's basketball team returns to action Sunday, looking to avenge a recent road loss to Ohio State at home.

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