Tourist Family Takes Turns Posing With Yellowstone Bison

Unlike several creatures that inhabit Yellowstone National Park, foolish tourists do not hibernate throughout the winter months. 

Although their numbers are dwindling, this kind of people can still be found venturing too close to wild creatures all year.

Seeing a bison positioned right next to the entrance sign may appear to be a fortunate family photo opportunity, but this could have quickly turned into an emergency. 

 Yellowstone recommends that visitors stay at least 25 yards from bison at all times. 

These people did not seem to get the memo.

If this bison decides to turn the tables, they can close the distance extremely quickly, reaching speeds of up to 35 mph, and a speedy escape to the safety of the car may be complicated by the ice roadways.

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A group of visitors was photographed posing for selfies within a few feet from a herd of bison at snow-covered Yellowstone National Park, taking turns photographing each other with the animals at the park's north entrance.

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