Top 10 Baby Girl Names, Sweet to Stylish

1. Olivia: A name that exudes grace and sophistication, Olivia has consistently been a favorite for parents. Its timeless charm and literary associations make it an enduring choice.

1. Ava: A name with simplicity and elegance, Ava rose to popularity in recent years. Its sleek sound and Old Hollywood vibe add a touch of classic glamour.

1. Amelia: This name embodies both strength and femininity. With its rich history and vintage appeal, Amelia has regained popularity in modern times.

1. Evelyn: An elegant and sophisticated name, Evelyn exudes a sense of refinement. Its vintage charm and graceful sound make it a perennial favorite.

1. Mila: Short, sweet, and stylish, Mila has gained attention for its simplicity and global appeal. It's a name that resonates with modern trends while maintaining an air of uniqueness.

1. Charlotte: Classic yet contemporary, Charlotte has a regal quality and a timeless appeal. With its royal connotations and graceful sound, it's a name that stands the test of time.

1. Isabella: A name with an aura of romance and beauty, Isabella has an enchanting quality. Its lyrical sound and elegant vibe make it a popular choice among parents.

1. Aria: A name that's both melodious and modern, Aria has gained popularity for its musical connotations and contemporary charm. It's a name that feels both timeless and trendy

1. Luna: A name that's celestial and serene, Luna evokes images of the moon and carries a mystical allure. Its uniqueness and ethereal quality make it a captivating choice.

1. Harper: With its spunky and modern vibe, Harper has become increasingly popular in recent years. It exudes strength and individuality while retaining a sense of femininity.

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