NFL world reacts to the death of the legendary Chris 'Mort' Mortensen 

Sunday was a sad day in the NFL world. On Sunday, shortly after 4 p.m. ET, ESPN broke the sad news that the famous Chris "Mort" Mortensen had died at 72 years old.   

While Mortensen's colleague, Adam Schefter, is considered as the NFL's top newsmaker, Mortensen held that distinction for years before Schefter rose to prominence.    

Mortensen formerly worked as a reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where he covered the Braves and Falcons.   

In 1989, he was recruited to cover the NFL for The National for two seasons. It was in 1991 that he got his big break at ESPN.   

Mort covered significant NFL stories for ESPN for 32 years until retiring after the 2023 NFL draft.   

Mortensen bravely battled throat cancer in 2016.   

Mortensen is survived by his wife, Mikki, and their son, Alex. Alex, a former college quarterback, is the current offensive coordinator at UAB, working under former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer.   

Following his death, condolences from throughout the NFL came in to commemorate Mortensen.   

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