Legendary veteran known as ‘Hot Dog Guy’ dies at 60

An Air Force veteran immortalized on a promotional billboard died last week.

According to his web obituary, retired Air Force chief master sergeant Robin Williams, 60, died after a heart attack on March 14.

London-born Williams attended secondary school in Miami, Florida, then joined the Air Force in 1983 until retirement.

According to Task & Purpose, Williams was a renowned Air Force veteran who responded to many natural disasters while serving with the Air Force Medical and Public Health Services. 

The U.S. Air Forces Central Command Air Force Forces Public Health Manager deployed in 2009 to command public health activities for 14 medical treatment centers for personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan, Task & Purpose stated.

According to Task & Purpose, Williams became the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) Food and Drug Safety and Defense Office director in 2004, overseeing over 13,000 food centers and 10 distribution plants.

Williams was the subject of the now-infamous photo that earned him the nickname "AAFES Hot Dog Guy."

As a new store worker, I thought, "Oh, they just want some pictures for the restaurant upstairs." Why not? This should be entertaining," Williams told an internal AAFES magazine in 2022 regarding the photo's provenance. 

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