Latest Ezekiel Elliott Report Paves Way for Cowboys Return

NFL free agency's second day began with a flurry of moves. 

The Titans signed RB Tony Pollard to a three-year, $24 million deal on March 11, leaving Dallas without a back.

The Cowboys didn't want to spend that much and let Pollard go. Cowboy fans may be interested in Ezekiel Elliott, a talented running back.

According to Christopher Price of the Boston Globe Sports, Elliott hasn't discussed a 2024 return with the Patriots, so the Cowboys should act.

Price acknowledged that things could change, but the Cowboys should bring him back to fill the backfield vacuum.

Elliott is still a powerful runner and receiver with great hands, despite his decline. The 28-year-old showed how to be a good running back committee tailback in 2023 with the Patriots.

He ran for 642 yards, caught for 313, and scored five touchdowns.

He could produce more if he returned to Dallas owing to his familiarity with the team and strong offense. Elliott ran for 8,262 yards, caught for 2,336 yards, and scored 80 times in seven years with Dallas. Backfield reinforcements may be cheap with the Ohio State product.

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