Jaguars Seal $51M Deal with DL Arik Armstead

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Arik Armstead for the 2024 NFL season, reshaping their defense. 

Armstead, a prominent defensive lineman from the San Francisco 49ers, is moving to Jacksonville for the first time since turning pro.

This shrewd acquisition shows the Jaguars' desire to advance further in the playoffs. The change happened quickly in the free agency maelstrom. 

Armstead signed with the Jaguars in less than a day after his release from the 49ers on the third day of free agency, demonstrating Jacksonville's desire to add his defensive prowess.

Armstead signed a $51 million, three-year contract with the Jaguars. This deal puts him among the league's top 15 earnings, underlining his elite status and great expectations.

According to Spotrac's extensive evaluations, Armstead's $17 million annual contract will give Jacksonville's team postseason experience and a powerful presence on the field.

Armstead was sent to Jacksonville after rejecting a significant cut to his $17.41 million salary for the 2024 season with the 49ers. 

Thus, his release allowed him to start over with the Jaguars, where his experience and resilience are expected to inspire a young, ambitious club.

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