Ja Morant's Unreleased Nike Shoes Go Viral 

The star of the Memphis Grizzlies, Ja Morant, is constantly improving his first signature Nike sneaker, bringing it to new heights and inspiring fans to dream of what can come next.  

On social media, an unreleased pair of Morant's Ja 1 sneakers have been making waves. Morant responded to the post: 

:A mismatched orange and green colorway of the Ja 1 "Citrus" edition has been making waves online. 

Nice Knicks' original post on X, formerly known as Twitter, had 635K views in a single day. 

This was aided, naturally, by the 366K views that Morant received for his quoted response. 

The NBA has seen a rise in the popularity of mismatched shoes, with many stars donning various colored shoes while playing.  

This Ja 1 version welcomes that with a playful "Citrus" colorway that saturates the court with vibrant hues. 

The Ja 1 has one of the sleekest shapes in the shoe industry, and its color and pattern options are endless. 

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