Inside Richie Sambora's 'Unbelievable' Life After Leaving Bon Jovi: Source (Exclusive)

After Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora is living his best life. PEOPLE reports that Bon Jovi's veteran lead guitarist, 64, left the band during their 2013 global tour due to "personal issues" and stress.

Three years before leaving Bon Jovi, Sambora "was feeling demoralized." "There were band tensions and Richie had many personal issues," the insider tells PEOPLE. His dad died. Him and Heather divorced."

Classic rock band "never took a break" didn't help either. “They never even unpacked their bags,” the insider says. "They did this for 30 years."

The "Ballad of Youth" singer "didn't have the spirit" to stay in the band, the insider said. "He needed to be home with his daughter, take care of her and also take care of himself," he says.

A source says Sambora lives in Calabasas with residences in Orange County and Hawaii and focuses on his family.

His life was "unbelievable" after Bon Jovi left since he could drive his daughter Ava to school and be with her "full-time."

According to the insider, Sambora sees Heather Locklear "from time to time" and "is close with her family, too," despite their 2007 divorce. They also describe how Sambora's decision to tour after he "fell and tore his shoulder" in the shower on a break led to his opiate addiction.

Jon considered canceling the tour. Richie said, "No, I'll put the guitar over my other shoulder," the insider says. "He played 30-35 shows on oxycodone. They earned $100 million."

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