‘Immaculate’: Inside the Film’s Gnarly Ending and Bloody Sydney Sweeney’s Scream Into the Void

If you've been hoping to the horror movie gods for a pregnant final girl to wreak bloody havoc in the final act, "Immaculate" has delivered.

While the first hour or so of director Michael Mohan's "Immaculate" is filled with typical jump scares and foreboding Catholic foreshadowing, everything comes crashing down in the last act. 

Sister Cecilia (Sydney Sweeney), who adopted religious piety after nearly drowning in a cold lake as a child, is the new nun in town at an exclusive Roman convent that also serves as a hospice care center for dying nuns.

Cecilia, although being a virgin when she arrived at the convent, is taken aback to learn she is pregnant.

That is because Father Sal Tedeschi, a former scientist before becoming a priest, has been conducting DNA tests on the sisters for decades, with Cecilia becoming his first test subject to carry a baby to term.

She discovers the religious scheme — that her kid will either save or end the world as a newfangled Jesus — and kills mother superior (Dora Romano) with a crucifix, strangles the cardinal (Giorgio Colangeli), and sets Father Tedeschi's laboratory on fire with ethanol.

Almost escaping through an underground network of catacombs, she is apprehended by a severely burned Father Tedeschi (how he survived the lab fire is unknown), only to impale him with a crucifix nail. 

Also, if you don't see the monster, baby, or whatever you call it, the allegorical implications are much deeper. Maybe that creature represents a notion, and what that idea is will be unique to each person who views the movie."

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