Fendi’s Spring 2024 Collection Is My Roman Empire

Fendi is headquartered in Rome, where it was founded in 1925. The house's couture and womenswear artistic director Kim Jones said he was inspired by Rome when designing the Milan collection that showed yesterday. 

“In Rome,” Jones wrote in the performance notes, “there is an elegance in ease and not caring what anybody else thinks—that is real luxury. I wanted this collection to express that.”

“Every day in Rome, I wear my ear pods to walk from the hotel to the Colosseum. This soundtrack sounds like a fantasy film with Fendi characters I see along the way.” 

In Spring 2024, the characters walked the runway in cherry red, pastel blue, canary yellow, and neutral tones for modern minimalism.

I fell in love with Fendi's new easy luxury after seeing two ensembles from the collection: a sheath dress with long sleeves tied over one shoulder and an off-center sweater buttoned at the top and tied at the shoulder over a similar tank,

teamed with a midi skirt and khaki slacks. Fendi women have what I want, not “French girl chic”.

All of those neatly tied gowns and clumsily placed cardigans reminded me of the well-dressed strangers I see outside Milan Fashion Week—women who seem polished but not overdone.

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