Dua Lipa Recalls Getting Rejected from Choir After a Rough Audition: 'Whole School Started Laughing'

Before becoming a Grammy winner, Dua Lipa had a "Training Season".

The British pop diva remembered being rejected for a school choir as a child following a tough audition in a new YouTube video alongside drag performer Trixie Mattel. She eventually focused on her characteristic lower voice.

Mattel, 34, and Lipa, 28, competed to paint the "Dance the Night" singer's Radical Optimism album cover. Lipa remembers playing the cello in primary school after admitting she's not a good painter.

It was like, ‘Pick an instrument,’ so I picked the biggest. I was tiny before. I just really grew at 18, and I picked the biggest instrument for some reason. She stated it became awkward. "I’d walk to school, and it would hit me on the top of the head and then on the back of the feet."

Lipa said she'd want to play the "piano or guitar" and occasionally tries, then recounted her poor first choir audition.

In primary school, the music teacher asked, ‘Alright, who wants to sing and try out for the choir?’ I thought, "Oh, you know what?" I'd like to do it,'" she said.

"So I decided to stand up for the whole school, and he started playing on the piano, and it was in this crazy high note, and nothing came out — just air — in that moment, and the whole school started laughing."

She left the choir immediately. He asked, "You know what?" Best of luck next time. That was it "Lipa, who became a singer, recalls. "Later on, I was part of the choir, but I was in the lower vocal range."

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