Drake Bell Recreates Drake and Josh Stage for Music Video After Admitting Violence against women

Drake Bell is using his new songs to process his traumatic experiences.

Several days after revealing that he was a victim of domestic violence while working as a child actor on Nickelodeon,

the 37-year-old singer/actor has released "I Kind of Relate," a new song on his experience with an accompanying music video.

The project appears to reference to his background, as the song finds him singing about "running away / From the abuse and all the shame," while the video shows him on a television set that recalls his previous Nickelodeon series, Drake and Josh.

"This song was inspired by my past, and now that my story is being told, I felt the time was right to share it," Bell stated in the YouTube video's caption.

The video begins with a little boy reading his lines on a television set before being led into a trailer and closing the blinds. As he stands, the back of the chair exposes his name, "Drake Bell," as does the trailer's outside

Bell then appears in the footage, sitting in a car with his face bloodied, as if he had recently survived a collision.

Following surgery, the "Found a Way" singer attends what appears to be a group therapy session before picking up a guitar in a scene that closely matches the bedroom that his character Drake Parker and his stepbrother, Josh Nichols (played by Josh Peck), shared on Drake and Josh.

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