Deion Sanders Wonders If Chicago Should Draft Caleb William

Nearly every NFL analyst thinks the Bears should take Caleb Williams first. Colorado coach Deion Sanders doubts that's wise. 

Sanders discussed Williams maybe moving to Chicago on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio this week. 

Sanders didn't critique Williams' talent but raised an intriguing point. Do former Heisman Trophy winners do well in cold weather? 

“I have a problem with this kid, but he can play—I think he's the best on the board this year. A youngster from California for two years, right? Went to Oklahoma. 

Not too cold "Sanders told Pro Football Talk. Man, Chicago's freezing. You must consider it when taking a young man. 

I could understand bringing an Ohio State man to Chicago. From California to Chicago? They added what else? Another NFL game or two. 

Seventeen games. Come on, guy. You must consider that. Those things count." Williams reportedly doesn't want to play for Chicago. He stopped them at NFL Combine. 

"If the Bears draft me, I'll be excited," Williams remarked. Williams finished his college career with 10,082 passing yards, 966 rushing yards, and 120 touchdowns.

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