Deion Sanders Has 'Unique' Recruiting Strategy At Colorado

Deion Sanders has recruited well since arriving at Colorado last season, bringing in several transfer players and several top high school players.

Sanders' NFL superstar status may explain why the head coach has taken a unique recruiting technique.

Sanders has not spoken to recruits off-campus since joining Colorado in December 2022, according to USA TODAY Sports.

Off-campus visits are crucial to recruiting. Sanders could compare himself to Michigan's Jim Harbaugh, 

who made 145 off-campus visits from December 2022 until he became the Los Angeles Chargers' coach this year.

Former UCLA coach Chip Kelly made 55 off-campus visits during that time, while Texas Longhorns coach Steve Sarkisian made 128.

Sanders may have trouble traveling to recruits due to health issues. After losing two toes in 2021, he still has leg blood clots and mobility concerns.

Sanders' contract with Colorado includes $200,000 for private plane service, but he has never used it.

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