Cowboys Position on Long-Rumored Trade for $96 Million Star Still Firm: Report

As long as Trevon Diggs plays for the Cowboys—he just signed a five-year, $97 million deal extension—and Stefon Diggs remains a brooder in Buffalo, the elder Diggs will join his younger brother in Dallas. It's there even if no one says so.

Not happening. Stefon Diggs won't be traded to the Cowboys to join his brother in Dallas. Cowboys insider Mike Fisher quoted a source with strong language to show how unlikely a Diggs-and-Diggs is.

Stefon Diggs could be moved to the Cowboys, but SI asked to quell the rumor.

Again, no substantial Cowboys trade was proposed at this point. In fact, the Cowboys have had a quiet first week of free agency, focusing on bringing back the same roster as last year, missing left tackle Tyron Smith and starting running back Tony Pollard.

The Cowboys haven't replaced either, likely using the bargain bin or draft to fill the gaps. It appears like the Cowboys will continue with their current approach and be ready to blow it apart if they fail again in the playoffs.

Cowboys linebacker Eric Kendricks is the sole new acquisition, a solid one. The Cowboys' lack of effort has frustrated fans. 

VP Stephen Jones advised fans to be patient as the team expects to dumpster-dive in the coming weeks.

First negotiating day is chaotic and large, big, enormous bucks. However, things are settling down, Jones told The Athletic. We think you can be efficient and good there. I think we have, whether through trade or a transaction like yesterday with Kendricks.

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