Country singer Sara Evans confirms reconciliation with husband two years after his domestic violence arrest

After nearly three years of divorce from Jay Barker, who was arrested months later for allegedly trying to run her over with his truck, singer-songwriter Sara Evans said they are back together. 

On her new podcast, "Diving in Deep with Sara Evans," the country diva discussed her turbulent relationship with her husband of 15 years, the events that led to his detention, and how they rekindled their romance. 

"The thing that terrifies me about today [is] saying anything that I could regret or disgrace my children or anger my family," Evans stated before addressing the "question on everyone's mind."

"Many ladies will and want to judge me. Our relationship is great, but I don't want someone to believe I'm recommending staying in a relationship when you know you should go "said.

"Every woman should trust her instincts and do what's best. I hope and believe I did that."

Evans, who left Barker in 2020 after a "really bad fight that was preceded by many bad fights," said he became "addicted to being the boss" of her. "It was a one-sided, volatile relationship with a lot of passion," Evans said, admitting they were "using abuse" in their marriage. 

The lunch in January 2022 went south when Barker "wasn't getting his way." 

Evans said Barker was "texting her all night" blaming her for "breaking up the family." she went to a neighbor's campfire with one of her daughters later that night. "Then he got in his pickup and backed up quickly. Since I knew Jay, I didn't feel like my child. 

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