Bills to re-sign RB Ty Johnson

Neither Harris nor Murray are currently bound by a contract; the latter is expected to play a season in 2023 despite being 33 years old. 

Although it is reasonable to anticipate that the Bills will acquire a running back two candidate either in the draft or later through free agency, 

they already have Johnson in place as a capable reserve.

Additionally, Darrynton Evans is now a member of Buffalo's offseason roster, complementing the team's backfield in its current configuration.

As a Jet in 2022, Johnson, who is now 26 years old, averaged 5.3 yards per rush.

Johnson was re-signed by the Jets in March of 2023, but later that same month, the team decided to release him. 

During his whole career

 the player who was selected in the sixth round has only accumulated 238 carries while also making contributions on special teams.

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