Andrew  Wiggins' sudden Warriors absence revealed

Bernard Lee, Jimmy Butler's agent, responded to a social media post about his next move.

Jimmy Butler is a dominant NBA postseason player, but he has many other hobbies.

With his coffee firm and country music songs and albums, the 34-year-old forward will be busy after retirement. Much of it will seem to happen privately.

Butler's agent, Bernard Lee, responded to an article about acting in the veteran's future.

I can eliminate guesswork for you��� Lee announced on X that he would travel to the crib after finishing. He will disappear."

Since Butler has led one of the league's biggest-market teams to several Finals visits, his seeming decision to keep out of the spotlight is understandable. The Miami Heat have lost to the Lakers and Nuggets twice since 2020 despite unlikely runs.

Butler has averaged 21.5 points, 5.6 rebounds, and 50.1% shooting this season. The only thing that interests him now is winning a title for Miami.

Heat supporters hope Butler never retires, but his decade of hard work may force him to pursue other pursuits sooner than imagined.

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