Aaron Judge Clears Injury Hurdle: Set for Batting Practice Return

After a week of fitness concerns, New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge is expected to return to on-field batting practice. 

According to MLB source Bryan Hoch, Judge's mild oblique strain and right toe ligament issues have improved.

Judge's return to batting practice today, against Yankees legend Andy Pettitte, signals his recovery and underlines the Yankees' intriguing effort of include past heroes into training.

Since July, Pettitte, a Yankees legend, has advised the team. Pettitte is expected to actively participate in training and practice this season under manager Aaron Boone, despite not having a coaching title.

Aaron Judge's 2023 Dodger Stadium toe injury has been debated. The outfielder's courageous effort to prevent J.D. Martinez from scoring an extra-base hit tore his right big toe ligament.

Judge's two-month absence contributed to the Yankees' struggles last season and fourth-place finish in the AL East. After the setback, Judge decided against surgery and instead monitored the illness.

This judgment highlights the delicate balance athletes must strike between on-field performance and long-term health and performance. 

Judge's performance and resilience will be watched as he resumes batting practice, reflecting on his recuperation and the Yankees' season chances.

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