49ers shore up linebacker corps by agreeing to contract with former All-Pro

After losing Super Bowl 58, the San Francisco 49ers understood they needed to improve at linebacker this offseason. 

On the second day of free agency, they signed former All-Pro tackling machine Eric Kendricks, who played 2023 for the Los Angeles Chargers.

After eight seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, Kendricks joined the Chargers and led the club with 117 tackles and 3.5 sacks. 

He joined San Francisco on Wednesday morning to replace Dre Greenlaw, who tore his Achilles in the Super Bowl. He will train with Fred Warner.

Kendricks may not be the same player he was in 2019 when he garnered Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors, but he may still help them in a pinch. 

Kendricks is a powerful tackler and can hit the quarterback as a surprise blitzer.

Kendricks will benefit from playing with Warner, the league's greatest linebacker, but he will also have to perform well in one of the league's best defenses.

This is a good move by the 49ers, and they believe Kendricks can fit into their defense and help them win the Super Bowl next season.

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