4 Harsh Reasons Why Gemini Gets On Everyone's Nerves

Gemini is the most overlooked zodiac sign in astrology. Many of us know Geminis, so maybe it's the sign itself. 

Geminis are great fun to hang out with, especially at parties. You can borrow anything from her closet,   

even her favorite push-up bra, and chat up all the cute guys.  

Avoid giving Gemini a choice, unless you want to spend the whole day waiting for her. Whatever she chooses, she can't decide.  

She can never make up her mind.  

Gemini takes trying new things to a whole new level. Routine makes her break out in hives, so she's always looking for excitement. She can get into deep trouble if she isn't careful.  

She gets into trouble because of her restlessness.  

She can be your best friend when you just need a friend, but not when you need a recharge. Gemini hates being alone more than routine. 24/7, she would rather be surrounded by friends.  

She doesn’t know the meaning of “alone time.” 

She seems almost too tame for what she is. Without Gemini, "ball of nervous energy" cannot be spelled.  

The Gemini zodiac sign is really high-strung.   

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