3 Zodiac Signs Face Challenges During Virgo Full Moon

A Full Moon in Virgo, the Moon opposing Saturn, and Venus square Jupiter affect February 24, 2024 horoscopes. 

With all this happening on 'up there,' we can expect complications. This day is about being calm and not getting better for three zodiac signs.

Since it's a Virgo Full Moon, we've all experienced'moon mania' With this Moon in Virgo opposite Saturn, some people don't take no for an answer. even when the response is a categorical 'no.' With Venus square Jupiter, we may think this is about love. 

If it's all about 'no' and not taking it, the only thing that will get us to the other side safely is the belief that we must compromise or accept. That shouldn't be hard, right? How will these three zodiac signs fare on February 24, 2024?

Today, February 24, 2024, is busy. You may not like it. Your frustration with others may make you want to shut down or leave them, which won't work either.


On Saturday, February 24, 2024, with Venus square Jupiter in your life, you may appear so confident that someone may feel the urge to pull you down or confront you for reasons they know. 


If you return home and show your family you're nervous, ready for an intervention. Nobody wants you to be scattered or anxious. 


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