Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, ordered to pay the singer $2.6M s

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As a result of her most recent legal triumph against her ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, Kelly Clarkson is going to be receiving a payoff that is in the multimillion-dollar range.

Blackstock is owed more than $2.6 million in commissions by the talk-show host and Grammy-winning musician, according to a decision made by a California labor commissioner earlier this month. The decision was made because Blackstock exceeded his supervisory responsibilities. According to the court records that were obtained by The Times, the country music manager is accused of “unlawfully procuring” a number of commercial arrangements that should have been handled by Clarkson’s certified talent agents at CAA.


Blackstock, who is 46 years old, was found to have violated the Talent Agencies Act (TAA) of the state, according to a decision made by Labor Commissioner Lilia Garcia-Brower on November 21. In accordance with the TAA, the verdict stated that “a manager, like any other person who does not possess a talent agency license, is not permitted to procure or attempt to procure employment for artists.”

Blackstock, who is the stepson of Reba McEntire and the son of Narvel Blackstock, the owner of Starstruck Management, is required to repay commissions on four different deals. These include: $1,983,155.70 for securing Clarkson’s lucrative judging spot on NBC’s “The Voice”; $208,125 for a promotional deal with Norwegian Cruise Lines; $450,000 for a collaboration with the furniture brand website Wayfair; and $93.30 for hosting the Billboard Music Awards from 2018 to 2020. The entire amount that Blackstock is obligated to pay the vocalist of “Since U Been Gone” is $2,641,374.

The singer, who is now 41 years old, has expanded her empire in recent years by introducing her daytime television series, which is called “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” Despite Clarkson’s request that Blackstock pay back commissions for the talk show, the commissioner came to the conclusion that Blackstock “clearly worked in conjunction with Clarkson’s licensed agents” in order to secure the discussion program. On Thursday, the attorneys for Blackstock submitted a request for a fresh trial in addition to an appeal of the ruling.

There was no remark made by Clarkson’s counsel regarding the decision. The request for comment that was made by The Times on Friday was not immediately met with a response from representatives of Blackstock.

The marriage between Clarkson and Blackstock took place in 2013, and the couple now has two children together: River Rose, who is nine years old, and Remington Alexander, who is seven years old. Following a previous marriage, Blackstock is the father of two children. The divorce petition was submitted by the singer to Blackstock in June of 2020, and the finalization of their separation occurred in March of 2022.

“Chemistry,” the singer’s tenth studio album, was released in June, and she has been very open about her divorce from Blackstock. The following is an admission that she made when speaking to radio DJ Zane Lowe for Apple Music: “I don’t know how people get through anything like that.”

“I’m not going to pretend that I pulled it off in a graceful manner behind closed doors… I will be very forthright and say that I did not manage it very well,” she continued.
Clarkson began a new life on the East Coast, in addition to using music as a means of emotional processing following her divorce. At the beginning of this year, she relocated her family and talk show from Los Angeles to New York City, where she started filming at the studios of NBC, which are located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

“I knew I needed a new beginning, and I couldn’t be in Los Angeles,” she said. “I really wanted to be in Montana, but you can’t really conduct a show from there just yet,” she added. “It’s just not possible.” When I thought about it, I said to myself, ‘The only other alternative would probably be New York.'”

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