Country singer Sara Evans confirms reconciliation with husband two years after his domestic violence arrest 2

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Almost three years after filing for divorce from her husband Jay Barker, who was jailed several months later for allegedly attempting to run her over with his truck, singer-songwriter Sara Evans has disclosed that the couple is back together. Barker was arrested during the time that Evans filed for divorce.

In the first episode of her new podcast, titled “Diving in Deep with Sara Evans,” the country diva discussed her previous turbulent relationship with her husband of 15 years, the circumstances that led up to his arrest, and how the two were able to renew their romance.


They also discussed how they were able to restart their relationship.

Before delving into the “question on everybody’s mind,” Evans stated, “The thing that scares me about today is saying something that I might regret or saying something that might embarrass my children or annoy my family.” This statement was made before Evans proceeded to discuss the topic at hand.”
“A great number of women will either judge me or want to judge me,” she said. “I don’t want anyone to think that I’m advocating staying in a relationship where you are ever, in your gut, you know that you need to exit the situation,” she added. “We are so happy now, but I don’t want anyone to think that I’m advocating leaving the situation.” “It is imperative that every woman listen to her instincts and act in a manner that is beneficial to her. It is my belief, and it is my hope, that I have accomplished that.

After a “really bad fight that was preceded by many bad fights,” Evans, who initially separated from Barker in 2020, stated that her husband grew “addicted to being the boss” of her. Barker was the one who initially separated from Evans. “It was a one-sided, volatile relationship with a lot of passion,” Evans remarked, admitting that they were “using abuse” in their marriage. “It was quite a passionate relationship.”

However, things took a turn for the worst when Barker “wasn’t getting his way.” This occurred in January 2022, when the two individuals got together for lunch.

“He wanted me to be the usual Sara and do whatever he wanted. … He got really upset,” according to her account.

Later that evening, Evans, who had gone to a bonfire at the house of a neighbor with one of her kids, stated that Barker had been “texting her all night” and blaming her for “breaking up the family.”

During the podcast, she expressed her fear by saying, “It really scared me, and it scared all of us, especially my child that was also with me.” I was being driven by a buddy of ours, so to speak. During the time that we were getting ready to pull into the driveway, dad got into a verbal altercation with my child, who had never before witnessed that side of him. And she shuddered in terror as a result of it.

After that, he got into his vehicle and began performing a kind of reverse maneuver while traveling at a very high speed. Since I was familiar with Jay, I did not experience the same emotions that my child had. My child was under the impression that he was going to plow down our vehicle, that he was backing up towards our vehicle, and that she was about to witness something horrifying, or at the absolute least, an accident, which would have been his truck colliding with my side of the vehicle, where I was sitting in the front seat. “She was frozen with fear.”

Before Barker sped off, Evans’ daughter immediately dialed 911 to report the incident.

Due to the fact that I had been secretly experiencing these things with Jay for the past 14 years, my child was more disturbed than I was. “That was the first time she had ever seen her father in such a state,” she claimed.
Barker eventually made his way back to the residence, where he was taken into custody onsite.

“I just felt so ashamed and so stupid, and my child was so mad,” she stated in response.

Evans stated that she believed this to be the “end of her marriage” to Barker and that consequently, she “couldn’t function.”
“I was just getting call after call after call after call, and what I was thinking was, ‘I can’t believe that this is happening to me and my children again.'” She then went on to say, “I’ve lost the love of my life.” “I think he’s very stunning, he’s hilarious, and we share a lot of things in common. When it comes to everything, including parenting, family dynamics, politics, religion, and everything else, we have the same feelings. Simply put, we love one another. This is the best of friends.”

A few months later, Barker reached out to Evans by text message, and the two gradually began to rekindle their relationship under a few of conditions: the two must attend therapy and marriage counseling “for the rest” of their lives.

“I just did not want to divorce again and start over,” she stated in response. “All I could do was picture myself being by myself, missing him, and thinking, ‘We could have tried harder.'” However, I believe it was only after I filed for divorce that he realized, “Oh s—, she’s serious.” Is this the end?'”
There are some people who have issues with their marriages, such as the fact that they argue all the time. At times, we did not engage in a fight. I was my opponent. He struggled against me, he pushed me away, and he pushed my love away while he was in his lowest points that he was experiencing. Because of this, every circumstance is unique. According to what she said, “I would never encourage anyone to remain in a dangerous situation.”

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